Brand Bites

Being able to articulate who you are as an artist, or the story behind a particular piece of content, quickly and effectively, is incredibly important in a world where attention spans are short and where content is being consumed at a rate like never before. We help you develop the counter to long-form video content by conceptualizing and producing what we call a "Brand Bite", an easy to consume, 1-minute piece of visual content, with sonic branding, that can be cut down to 30sec clips and 15sec verticals. This is designed to be a dynamic tool for your own pitching use, for your publicist during a publicity campaign, and multi-platform use on social media such as IG TV, IG Main Feed and Stories feature. It can be in the form of a general artist profile, a trailer for an upcoming single/album/show, a BTS "making of", or anything you and our creative team can think up. We utilize our network of videographers, photographers, and graphics team to bring the story to life. 





Think Tank

A meeting between you and our team to conceptualize the Brand Bite. Together we develop the concept and story, staying true to your brand and focusing on originality and authenticity.



Story Board & Planning

After the initial meeting, our team will create a storyboard to plan out the desired shots, and upon approval, book a date with you and our creative team to shoot. 



The Shoot & Content Capture

Using the storyboard as our guide, we will execute the concept and capture behind the scenes content of the Brand Bite shoot for additional social media usage. 



Final Cuts

After the shoot, we will edit the content with quick turn around and submit for your approval. 2 rounds of edits are included. 


 (One) 1-minute clip 

(One) 30-second clip

(Three) 15-second verticals for IG story use

Behind the scenes still images for social media usage.