Storytelling is something that both binds us and defines us. We believe that at the heart of any successful campaign is a great story, or at least, a interesting one. As platforms die out or change, and as you, the user, try to find new tactics and forms of communication to reach your existing and new audiences, we believe that the constant amidst this ever changing landscape is your story.  As artists who create music, you are not operating in an environment of scarcity. There is more new music being released than anyone could ever possibly listen to. One of the ways to cut through, and break through, is through effective storytelling. We believe that storytelling should be contextual to the platform or medium you are using to communicate it. 


It is our mission to mine you, and your content, for the most interesting or emotionally compelling stories, and through audio, video, and picture - communicate it to your audience for maximum resonance. 




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