Every Artist has A storY

We're Here to Help you tell yours


Our Mission

the music industry is CURRENTLY in a shift towards a more independent market. With new ARTISTS emerging every day, it is becoming more important to DISTINGUISH YOURSELF from the noise. At Chapter and Verse, We believe that developing your narrative is the Key to Marketing yourself and your music.

after all, what story could more unique than your own?

How can We help?

We fill in the gaps of the artist's digital marketing practices. Our Goal is to Help you market and Develop Effective, engaging, and High-quality content without having to break the bank. Our experience in design and visual arts ALONG with OUR Industry EXPERIENCE AND LOVE FOR MUSIC are what set us apart from the rest.

We pride ourselves in knowing the musical landscape; what markets exist, what people are currently looking for and brand perception.

How Do We Start?

With a conversation of course!

All of our campaigns start by getting to know your story.


By understanding you and what you are aiming to achieve, we develop a plan that will optimize your visibility and engagement online.

In many cases, we work alongside Gramophone Media's PR boutiques, to plan promotional rollouts and digitally market new releases, tours, events, etc.


Because our work is DESIGNED to fit the needs of an individual artisT We Tier our Services depending on how intensive our work will be.



Some artists require foundational work, some require a push in the right direction and some need ongoing assistance.






Does your social media presence feel aimless? Is it clear who you are online? Do you present yourself as someone to be taken seriously? Is the project marketable?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you are best suited for foundational work. 

Social Media Development

From those who just need a push in the right direction to those who feel totally lost. We can work with you to not only improve your social media presence but give you the tools to remain successful even beyond our campaign together. 


By utilizing analytics, digital marketing, and developing narrative-driven content we can increase visibility, engagement, and marketability


We perform a comprehensive audit of your current branding and digital touch points, then work through our branding theory exercises and techniques to uncover, and cultivate, your authentic brand identity. We execute a photoshoot to capture multiple looks in the spirit of your brand and integrate the new visuals across all platforms. 

Ongoing support

for those who want someone to provide constant support we provide it in various forms. from digital marketing, to developing a rollout plan, to even going as far as scheduling your posts while tracking your social media analytics, We are there every step of the way to answer your questions and help improve your social media presence.


Tell Us Your Story